Platform - Ditte Marie Frost & Mai Dengsøe

Nikolaj Kunsthal opens – with support by Det Obelske Familiefond – a brand new exhibition space dedicated to the contemporary art of the future. Ditte Marie Frost and Mai Dengsøe are the first names on the exhibition poster

With PLATFORM, Nikolaj Kunsthal wishes to contribute to supporting and developing the young local art scene. The intention is to strengthen the growth layer and help lifting new talents further in their artistic career. This is done by offering young artists and curators the opportunity to exhibit in a professional, institutional setting, which means access to professional advice, production assistance, dissemination expertise and not least visibility.

Independent committee ensures arm’s length principle
Behind PLATFORM’s annual programme is a committee of four art professionals from the Copenhagen art scene. With their respective experience and insight, they must ensure a sharp and forward-looking selection of PLATFORM’s programme until 2024.

The committee consists of Lotte Løvhom (curator, editor, writer), Christopher Sand-Iversen (art historian, writer and co-director of the SixtyEight Art Institute), Anders Kjær Rasmussen (cultural communicator and exhibition director of Vandrehallen) and Natalia Gutman (curator and art historian).

When designing the PLATFORM programme in 2022, the committee selected six artists and six curators to combine for each of the six annual exhibitions. With the pairing of an artist and curator, PLATFORM creates the opportunity for new strong collaborations and networks that can be unfolded and challenged in a mutually inspiring environment.

Ditte Marie Frost & Mai Dengsøe 
The premiere of Platform will feature works by visual artist Ditte Marie Frost in collaboration with curator Mai Dengsøe.

Ditte Marie Frost often composes materials that do not immediately fit together, such as latex and oxidized copper. The decomposition is a central part of the works, where the materials are explored in new contexts. The motifs in her works are abstractions taken from fictional creatures from sci-fi movies, fabulous animals, plants, insects as well as human and animal bodies.

Mai Dengsøe is the daily curator at Rønnebæksholm and head of Bizarro Logistics.

Where: Platform 
When: 12/2 – 27/3 2022

Platform 2022

In addition to Ditte Marie Frost & Mai Dengsøe, PLATFORM 2022 offers the following artists and curators:

Mette Riise & Rebecca Krasnik, Ruby Mariama Laura Andersen Ndoye & Aysha Amin, Clara Busch & Nanne Saplana, Yujin Jung & Eli Ståhl and Astrid Sonne & Ilethia Sharp.