With a contribution from Det Obelske Familiefond, Nikolaj Kunsthal is opening a new exhibition space that will exhibit new and upcoming artists and curators.

The new exhibition venue Platform presents six annual exhibitions by the contemporary artists and curators of the future. The initiative runs in parallel with Nikolaj Kunsthal's other exhibitions and events and contributes in particular to heightening the focus on the emerging artists and curators in the field of visual art and dissemination. The intention and motivation behind this project is to assist new talents in forming networks by offering professional exhibition opportunities, guidance and visibility by PR and marketing. With contributions from Det Obelske Familiefond, Platform can be experienced in Nikolaj Kunsthal from February 2022 until 2024.

The Platform programme is put together by a committee that consists of four qualified professionals from the Danish art scene. The committee consists of Lotte Løvholm (curator, editor, writer), Christopher Sand-Iversen (art historian, writer and co-director of SixtyEight Art Institute), Anders Kjær Rasmussen (exhibition director at Vandrehallen) and Natalia Gutman (curator and art historian).

Platform Programme 2022

Besides Ditte Marie Frost & Mai Dengsøe, Platform will exhibit the following artists and curators:

Mette Riise & Rebecca Krasnik, Ruby Mariama Laura Andersen Ndoye & Aysha Amin, Clara Busch & Nanna Saplana, Yujin Jung & Eli Ståhl as well as Astrid Sonne & Ilethia Sharp.